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JULY 15th - 17th

Lacrosse Equipment

What is The Eastern Sho'Case?

The Eastern Sho'Case was developed to allow high school aged players an opportunity to showcase their skills & ability in front of multiple college coaches in one setting. The college lacrosse recruiting process is everchanging, but one constant has always been finding additional ways to gain exposure to coaches.  

At our competitive 3-day, 2-night event, campers will work with a myriad of top college coaches in the country to train, develop, and ultimately be recruited. Our camp includes multiple training sessions focused on development and relationship building with coaches. Each day will also include a competitive scrimmage, with players being separated based on positions, where coaches are recruiting and evaluating. 

We're excited to bring this event down to Washington College which is settled in beautiful Chestertown, MD. This quiet campus is an ideal location because of it's proximity to local colleges and has proven to be a great setting because of it's sporting facilities and accessible campus.


We're excited to bring some of the top coaches and players in the country to this event and we can't wait to help the next generation of college lacrosse players achieve and reach their academic and ahtletic goals!



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